Campaign for Potable Water in São Irineu

The “Campaign for Potable Water in São Irineu” has been started in june 17, 2020, with the goal of raising funds to the drilling of two wells at the thorps of São Jerônimo and Bom Jardim, the places where Mestre Irineu was born and lived his childhood.

After the conclusion of the donation campaign, it has been started the drilling budgets, when the technical recommendations related to the depth of the wells and the storage capacity of the water tanks led to significant changes in the first formulation of the Project. Thus, it was identified that the amount that has been collected was not enough to conclude the Project in its entirety.

It has become required the restart of the “Campaign for Potable Water in São Irineu”, at the same time that deepen the difficulties in access to water in this period.

The emergency feature of the situation drives us to the beginning of the well drilling in one of the communities, in this sense, to the beginning of the Project, concomitant to the restart of the fund raising campaign.

We are hopefull of everyone’s awareness around the local needs of the Mestre Irineu’s “baby crib locality”, especially with regard to access to water.

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