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After the end of the first emergency donation campaign to the drilling of two wells on the thorps where Mestre Irineu was born and lived his childhood, the reality imposed itself in a challenger way.

Inicially, it had been thought drilling in depth patterns similar to other cities near, around 36 meters. However the local reality of São Vicente Férrer-MA, and of the region named “baixada maranhense”, features geological and aquifer characteristics that guide a deeper drilling, around 100 meters, what enhanced a lot the inicial cost forecast of the drillings.

In the first budget requests from drilling companies, the technical guide also drived our reflexions around the water tank capacities and, as consequence, to the structures that support the water tanks. It’s considered that only one water tank in each well would not be enough to fit the current and future demand, considering the human and irrigation needs of the whole community.

When we came across the insufficiency of the resources for the huge change in the budgets proposals, it has become required the restart of the “Campaign for Potable Water in São Irineu”.

At the same time that the campaign has its restart, the calamity aggravates in the region that, beyond the drought period that provide more difficulties in access to water, has to deal with the lack of assistance from public authorities, that doesn’t keep adequate maintenance in the existing wells, what increases the difficulties to the population. People have to buy the water for personal consumption, with all the shortage of resources and, even the water that was available inadequate for consumption, that served other purposes, is not available anymore for more than 10 days in one of the communities.

We are hopefull of everyone’s awareness regarding these needs to the satisfatory reach of our noble purposes of providing conditions to improve the quality of life, welfare and health of the population that composes the “baby crib locality” of Mestre Irineu.

The emergencial question will lead to the beginning of the well drilling in one of the thorps with the available resources, at the same time that the fund raising restarts, to conclude the other stages.

Greetings to all “irmandade” around the world!

Work Execution Commission Viva o Mestre Irineu!